Sunday, April 25, 2010

chaise lounge

well, because of my last post...
i have not been to the thrift store.
which is good and bad.
mainly good.
anyways... i was on my way home, and i decided to drive down the alley...
here, everyone puts things in the alley...
some good, some bad, some make you wanna puke.
well, another post later, but i made a bench for $1.
just some "bargain bin" wood from home depot ($0.51 each)
but i have some outdoor fabric scraps that i wanted to make a cushion for the bench.
so i needed some old cushions or something to recover.
but they had to be free.
so back to the alley.
i found a freaking CHAISE LOUNGE (no pic yet).
it was a nice indoor one, that was all fabric covered.
the only problem was that it had NO cushions...
the only thing i really needed.
so here is little ole me, in the honda civic hatchback, trying to get this chaise in this mini car.
luckily it was light weight, and i only had to drive a few blocks with this thing hanging out the back of the car. i am sure it was a sight.
so cam and i drag it into the garage, where it is living now, until i can get some cushions.
and until it's nice.
i think we will use it out in the backyard to relax, read, and have people over.
i know i can make it great!!!!
so i have been looking on craigslist for free couches and chairs to mainly just get some cushions.
i have found some winners, but just havent had the urge to go get stuff yet.
maybe next week.
ill keep you posted!
ps: t-19 days til africa!!!

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Leslie said...

what a great find!