Thursday, April 15, 2010

no more...

while i was at the yoga retreat
i made a pact.
until i go to Africa (1 month from yesterday)
i will not spend any money.
i will only buy necessities
mainly being food items.
no more:
pretty much i am not allowed to enter a store
(this was my own rule).
I was buying too much from
i was wasting our money that could be going to school loans
and future down payments on houses
away to dumb things.
(although i didnt think they were dumb at the time).
I know you are thinking... AHHH what about food...
well my friends, refer back to the "spending too much here"
catagory, and note that costco is like my refuge.
my goal is to use something i already have for the main ingredient...
monday night it was a whole chicken
tuesday was leftovers
tonight it was ravioli.
i have plenty of quinoa, rice, pasta, and salad.
if i need to supplement the meal with something
from the store, i can...but i havent had to yet.
this is also good, b/c it cleans out my pantry and fridge.
on monday when i got home from the yoga retreat, i went
"spring cleaning crazy" although there was no actual
CLEANING per say...
i was cleaning out every area i could think of
and making piles to donate to goodwill
(which happens to be one of the places i am not allowing myself in).
I made a whole jeep load of:
baby clothes (dont ask... i just see something and save it for a friend for later)
fabric and yarn i didnt like
towels & sheets i dont use
toaster oven we havent used in 2 years
espresso maker we havent used in 3 years
the awesoe jack lelane juicer we only used 3 times.
pretty much a lot of crap.
sure i could have sold a lot of it on craigs list
but i feel like i dont have time
(valuable time for me)
to waste with phone calls and having my stuff lay around the house.
it was cleansing.
i actually feel free!!!
i returned some stuff to home depot i didnt use on the curtain makeover.
and something to target i didnt need.
i have written down anything i have had to pay for
-like my yellow fever vaccine i got today
-and the stirfry mix i got for cam
it feels awesome.
if i feel i have to buy anything at all...
i have to run it by cameron & bethany.
i think that's awesome!!!
like i wanted to mail a package to a friend,
i ran it by both peeps, and they said it was fine,
so i did it!!!
i hope i can keep it up after africa.
it's great!
when i get back my goal will be to return to our budget-
and then start paying off school loans-
then we can be TOTALLY debt free
by the time we have babies
(or close to it!)


lauren and brad said...

I am SO proud of you!

What a freeing life change!

You CAN do it! :)

Lane Adair said...

you go girl. I just cleaned my closet out and it was awesome.