Saturday, May 12, 2012


 garrett hanging outside
 the cutest baby in the cutest suit
 i love food
 k derbs
 this is how i swing momma

 he got away while i was almost done changing his diaper
 looking all cutesy
 where's hazel
 under the table and dreaming :)
 fell asleep playing
 her new $6 thrift store chair
i have to recover it, but she loves it
and it is a rocker

-she is sitting up on her own
-she is rolling all over the place
-she has 2 teeth on the bottom
-garrett is moving, so she is sad to break up with her first boyfriend
-she has gotten to meet so so so many family members since dad died.
-my mom and david are coming to visit today!
-it will be my first real mothers day
-we are thinking about buying a house!
-my broken toe still hurts
-sus and i are going to the redwoods in august
-it was nurses week this past week and i got free food and a scrub voucher... high roller
-i stopped breastfeeding :(, really sad about that, but i wasn't making ANY milk.
    i tried supplements and tried to feed her more, but the stress of dad, i think just did me in.
    i think i am okay now, but it was kinda hard.
-that's all for now!


Ryan and Katie said...

She is so cute and those swing pics crack me up! Ending breastfeeding is bittersweet no matter the age or reason, you are a great mommy!

Andy and Laura said...

Oh, c'mon! Help the poor girl out in the swing :) Cute pics. I love her belly in her little swimsuit. Sorry about breast feeding-- that stinks but is totally understandable. You've just had a *little* bit of stress going on the past couple of months. Lasting 9 months is awesome though and, if it makes you feel any better, I wasn't ever breastfed and I turned out ok :) Don't let it bug you. You're an awesome momma. Love, Laura

Leslie said...

ps. (and i realize there wasn't a pre-s) happy belated mother's day!

lauren and brad said...

You are an incredible mommy. I can't believe how cute these pics are. You have tons of stuff going on, I think you might even be busier than us! Happy Mother's Day! I love you and I love Hazel and I love ARE the cutest family. xoxoxoxo

p.s. I love the Redwoods.