Thursday, May 31, 2012

oldies but goodies

sus LOVED pigs when she was little

 this is one of my favs
 i think that's me
 guys, i promise we were so cool.
 dharma initiative dad
 mom and david in '97
 pooped out sisters
 i love that i finally look like the cute one
and sus is all weird
 don't you want to steal my momma's dress
 i may look cool
but what about the people next to me?
jail bird & mc hammer
 oh susy q
 what is sus wearing?
 this reminds me of this pic
 cool ski cat
 i look just like my momma
 momma and aunt judy
 momma and uncle haden
 the day i was born
doesnt mom look hot!

 so cool
 smoking gives you cancer?
 lots of makeup mom
 talking with her hands
 dont know
 dying about this pic-
seriously laughing so hard
 monkies arent dangerous
 oh sus....
 yup, i was the donkey
i know i have talked about this before
but do you see that string around my neck


Leslie said...

Your mom looks EXACTLY like you in every picture....except for the one of your b-day. She looks like Suz that day. Weird.

Ryan and Katie said...

I was going to say the same thing Leslie! Except the one on the day you were born looks like Suz to me. All 3 of you are beautiful ladies but man you had some quirky funny photos!

lauren and brad said...

we were so dorky. all of us.

love that my mom is flipping off the camera.

do you scan these in or just take photos of them?