Wednesday, May 16, 2012

8 months old

how are you so old????
i don't understand.
you are rolling like a little rolly poley.
you roll everywhere.
you love to eat, but if you don't like it, you turn your head and bat at the spoon.
you want to feed yourself, or play in the food...not good.
you love puffs and love the pick them up... 
you usually hold 4 at a time and then i find them stuck all over you.
you love standing all the time, but still need help.
you got a new bouncy exersaucer thing and you love it!!!
you have learned to hit an object on another one
and that it makes noise!
you still aren't saying mama, but pretty much everything else :(
you mimic what we do and it's so cute.
you love Hans and Schnooze so much and they make you laugh.
you are starting to hold your arms up to be held,
and although I am sure it's a bad habit, i don't care-it makes my heart swell.
your cheeks, arms rolls, legs rolls, and belly are my fav thing.
I love that you are so incredibly chunky.
Everyone says you are the cutest baby they have ever seen,
and it's true.
They also say you are so happy and content.
There are a few days you aren't, but 98% of the time,
you are so easy going and chill-laxed.
it's lovely.
those 2 bottom teeth are great, but i think you must be getting more...
they should hurry up and come all at once...
teething sucks.
i love you little bean pod.

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