Tuesday, November 08, 2011

my 30th with lauren

lauren took me out for a special suprise birthday
all i had to do was dress cute
she picked me up and we had to be at our first
destination at 6pm

 had to get the boots in the pic :)
we arrived...
 i had never been
 we had grilled artichoke & truffled-beet fresh motzarella salad (pic above)
i got the ahi tuna & lo got the chilean sea bass
 we had mashed potatoes & mushrooms as sides
 lo had them suprise me with the "classic ding dong" birthday cake
next stop:
it's a sky bar that overlooks downtown denver
 we got champagne!!
super cool view!
we had a great time (kid-free)
but we were beat!
she took me home, where i proceeded to go directly to bed :)
Thanks Lauren for the best 30th birthday ever!

1 comment:

steve said...

that ding dong cake reminds me of Cameron's groom's cake.