Friday, May 07, 2010

kate's chair

so, my lovely friend kate is having a baby boy.
she just moved into a new place with her fiance
and they are in the process of getting the nursery ready.
she needed a rocker, but didn't want to spend a lot of money.
so she scoured the thirft stores
and found this exact chair below + ottoman
(pic from craigslist... her fabric was green waffle like though)
it was only $29 for both.
so she totally snagged them.
we worked out a barter system.
she gave me the anthro table
and i traded my reupholstering services!

although i tried to get kate to keep the side
pockets for her brandy, ciggs, and magazines
she declined....
so just imagine these pics are the right way
i tried to rotate them, and it didnt work.
anyway, she found this awesome fabric at
out fav. Fancy Tiger.
i made the back cushion extra fluffy
b/c i knew it would flatten out over time.
i painted the chair heirloom white.

i also have several pillows for her for the room.
i hope she loves it!!!!
now she has a cool, custom chair for Eli
for cheap!!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

love this! You need to turn it in to ohdeedoh (a kids design website). People are always looking for ways to make those kinds of rockers look nicer!

lauren and brad said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That looks amazing!

What can I barter to have you come reupholster my ugly red chair in the living room? Seriously. So so serious.