Friday, May 07, 2010

DIY tank top 2

i love this fabric i had
(from fancy tiger)
but didnt know what to use it for.
since i am in my season of not buying anything...
i decided to use everything i already had,
and make a tank top.
i used a tank top i already had that i liked the fit,
and then used that as a template for the one i was making.
the piece of fabric i wanted to use wasnt the right shape...
so i cut it in different pieces, pieced it together, and had something the
size i needed to work with.
there wasnt enough for the back, so i just used muslin (which is like $2/yard... and i had it).
i made pockets too :)
i also washed it an dried it, and it turned out great, but if def. needs to be ironed.
i wore it out with a cardigan over it the other night and everyone loved it!!!

tag my mom had made for me for xmas!

it's long... and i love it!!!!
very summery!!!


Ryan and Katie said...

Adorable! You are really talented! I want to see a picture of you wearing it though!

lauren and brad said...

WOW! It is so cute! Make me one! :)

Lane Adair said...

you're cute =)