Friday, May 07, 2010

DIY tank top

How to make an Anthropologie tank top for CHEAP!!!
what you will need:
1. razor back tank top
(I got mine at Target for $10, I wanted something
besides white, but that's all they had)
2. a scrap of fabric, a fat quarter would be plenty
3. coordinating thread
(i used orange)
4. a sewing machine
(or by hand but that would take FOREVER)
5. probably an iron(just to make sure everything is wrinkle free)
6. small sharp pointy scissors
7. an inspiration or pattern
8. a fabric marker, sharpie, pencil... something you can see of the back of the fabric.

(excuse the undie shot)

so i didnt take pics along the way but here is a detailed description of directions.
1. decide where you want the fabric to go, and cut that part off the tank top
then use that cut off part to make a stencil for your fabric piece.
i traced around my white piece onto the brown
then cut it out.
i made the top and bottom of the fabric a little longer 1/4"
but the sides didn't need to be
unless you actually hem your piece, i didn't
2. what is your design going to be...
well... i was kinda freehanding a design from a chirt from the anthro cataloug..
but when i started cutting it out, you couldn't tell at all what it was...
so really you could just cut whetever you want.
just make sure it all connects together,
so your fabric stays together.
3. cut out the design
4. then take your coord. thread and sew like a crazy person
around the holes and designs.
if you want it to be exact, you can do that.
i wanted mine messy... and kinda kindergarten-esque...
so i just kepy going around and around...
this will keep the fabric from becoming unraveled in the washer.
5. turn both pieces inside out and sew together.
6. tada!!!! now you have a hip shirt for cheap.
(i had the fabric, thread, and all that other stuff, so i only had to buy the tank)
(i think i might do this with something else too)
(what if i added a skirt onto a tank top, making a dress... i know those were hip last year... but i could make an awesome dress)
let me know if you try this and how it turns out!!!!


Robin said...

love it!!

Robin said...

does the fabric fray?
it seems like it might a little...i'm new to sewing!