Monday, February 15, 2010


thursday cam and i decided to go out to dinner
kinda for vday, but kinda just because.
we got these gift certificates from
this place for $1, you have to spend $35, but get $25 off
so essentially you pay $11 for a $35 meal.
anyway, we ate at: Pi
and it was cool.
we rode the lightrail there and back.
we are such city goers now :)
it was a perfect evening!

we weren't planning on matching

pomegranite mojito

not water... but i made him do this pose

riding the lightrail home :)
perfect vday!

1 comment:

Lane Adair said...

was it a mathy type of place being called Pi and all? Did anything cost $3.14? Pi Day is just around the corner! get excited! (March 14th...3.14)

ps. jess would love if you read and commented on his blog.

he has taken over the blog role.