Monday, February 15, 2010


i've been feeling rebelious lately.
and i have been wanting to do this for a long time.
so today, i did it.
see story below.
we made it to the tattoo shop.
my artist was Cami.
she offered me a sucker.

i took it.
(cami looks drunk, but she's not, she was super super sweet)

cami cleaning my nose

about to stab me

actually stabbing me with an 18 gauge needle.
tears came pouring out my eyes.
although it hurt really badly, it was over fast!

cleaning the bloody mess!

my nose.
kinda red
a little bloody still.
my goody bag!
sea salt, soap, q tips, the hoop for later.
thanks bethany for going with me!!!


Brian, Odette, Sara and Brett Ellis said...

ouch and no fair. I want to get pierced. It looks like your hair is getting longer...are you growing it out?

sus and chris said...

i'm so jelous, i want mine done again, but i can't even keep my body clean, let alon a hole in my nose! cute! love you

Lane Adair said...

cute! I long for my ol nose piercing. it was so fun. stupid lohikan for making me take it out. then...i get to camp and EVERYBODY is pierced in some way or another.

your ponytail is cute!!

lauren and brad said...

cute! I love it! I'm so not brave enough!