Sunday, February 07, 2010


i have just recently discovered RTD
Regional Transportation District.
(i always thought it was Ride Through Denver)
(doesn't that make more sense anyway???)
Anyway, for an eco-pass which means I can ride any thing, bus, lightrail, skyride...
it was $26.
and for normal people that don't get the eco-pass from their job at this amazing rate,
it would be HUNDREDS of dollars. AT least $300.
cameron gets it free from school.
so we will be using RTD all the time.
I used it to go to a neuro conference Friday, and i felt so cool.
we used it to ride to church today and it was great!
there is a station 3-4 blocks from our house!!!!

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Lane Adair said...

the good 'ol RTD. I took it to the airport all the time. perfect. (i think...maybe it was the boulder I'm blanking) anyway. free for student so I never had to pay for airport parking!! yay. You guys quit having so much fun.