Tuesday, November 10, 2009

wes and becky sitting in a tree

wes asked me to make their flower girl basket and ring bearer pillow
and i was thrilled.
bethany and i picked stuff out at fancy tiger
and i got to work on them yesterday FINALLY!
their colors are "honey and plum"

wire basket from hobby lobby
fixed up with my touch :)
i weaved in the yellow ribbon through the "plum" felt

wes's last name is Gentry
the ribbon it to hold the rings on

back of pillow

in the right corner i put their date 11.28.09
but it's hidden and i kind of like that

anyway, i loved making them, and shopping for them!!!!


Leslie said...

what a great way to ask people to be involved in the wedding planning process! i don't know if i know what becky looks like, but is wes your friend that was in the hospital earlier this year?

great work on the secret date on pillow!

Lane Adair said...

really cute!