Monday, November 02, 2009

got a letter!

sus sent me a letter oct 11, and i got it today!

this was on the front

Here's the day annabelle got a didn't do much, she's gotten a little bigger now. This pic is taken behind out house, it's where we hang out in the shade if it's too hot out. It was so nice to get to talk to you for so long the other day!
Yesterday it was still chilly and rainy out & the family was all hanging out in the indladla (the room where they cook on a fire) and so i sat in there with them for a few hours. Some of our conversations made me realize just how far removed from Western life we are...
Chris's parents asked if we had electricity and a fridge/ our family asked is chris's family had cows. They asked if there were black people in the US, I said yeah, Obama & many more. They asked if they could drive cars, I said of course; black and white people marry each other, they were astonished. They asked if England and America were the same; if we were ruled by the Queen. I said no, England is in Europe and America id far away, and then explained that England isn't even ruled by the Queen anymore. They asked if there were cities in America, I said yes, lots, and big ones like NYC, they didn't know what I was talking about!
Then I was showing them pics of our family and I think partly because Make (mom) was so excited to know there were black people in the US, but we were looking at the pictures of our family and from our wedding, and she pointed to Cameron and said Yeah, He's Black, I just said yeah, that's my sister's husband!!!
It's still grey and drizzling today. I made cornbread and tortilla soup last night that we'll have for lunch agan today. I finally got to smoke a clove last night (it was like heaven!). I miss you so much, I hope you have a great birthday! 8 more days til Chris's birthday da na na na na na.
seriously, they thought cam was black?
his middle name is Freeman.... so there ya go!


Ryan and Katie said...

how funny! I'm so glad you are going to get to visit her!

Leslie said...

cam = not white.
what's the weather like there?

lauren and brad said...

that's so funny!

what a fun letter. thank you for sharing it!