Monday, November 02, 2009

Kenosha Pass Camp Trip 2009

Kenosha Pass Backpacking Trip 2009
October 31-Nov 1

Djamel, Camille, Shiner, Kimel, Shellie, Nelson, Chad, Bethany, Stephen, Ella, Macy, Brad, Matt, Jamie, Liz, & Cameron, Schnooze
cam & stephen

it was sunny and about 45* perfect!

macy, jamie, shiner, djamel, chad, cam


after about 3 miles; we got to the site
the gals put up the tents, while the boys started the fire and dinner :)

getting our frito chili pies on.
and if you note the nalgene bottles full of wine :)



liz and macy, and her awesome "plane size wine"

our awesome wine

around the fire.
it was about 20* at this point
but the fire kept us warm

tent city
we had like 5 tents
7 of us slept in our 6-man tent + 2 dogs!



jamie and liz

shellie and liz

bethany and liz
*check out her new awesome hat

camille and liz

homeless liz:
with her clove cig & plane wine & winter clothes...

ho ho ho ho ho ho (that was how i was laughing...)

shellie & macy being silly

super smokey

chad & djamel

kimel & stephen
(kimel and i have the same jacket, just different colors)

Brad, Matt, Jamie, Cam


i love this pic

my cute little husband
after the fire hang out
we went to bed...
the 7 of us + 2 dogs in our tent; and the other people in theirs

shellie on the left, ella and bethany's arm on right

macy at me and cam's feet

bethany, ella, kimel, stephen
it was super windy and in our janky tent
(*we wanted to use this big tent so we could have more fun hanging out, but we all have really nice small tents... so it's our own fault... but who cares, we could STAND in this tent :))
it collapsed on us so many times in the night, and would then just pop back up; bethany and i thought we were gonna suffocate, i felt like we were in an avalanche and there was no way out, and then it would pop back up. one of the poles kept hitting cameron in the head. but i got some sleep, others, not so much. but its a great story right????

boys packing up the tent
*still about 20*F at this time

my little angel bethany
(doesnt the light make her look like an angel?)

cameron all loaded up
still lighter than on the way in with the wood.
we hiked out, stopped for breakfast, had to detour 285 because of a rollover, made it home, showered, picked up B for a bridal shower, went to the shower, came home for bible study, fell asleep watching Away We Go. Then started all over again today :).
PS: another post on this later... but I got a great CookBook for my bday from Camille:
Super Natural Cooking...


steve said...

please change your background or the color of your text. its impossible to read

Leslie said...

too.cold. waaaay too cold! great work getting through it. i would've crumbled like that tent.

Mike and Susanne said...

Love the pics! Mike couldn't even look at them because he was so jealous. And that was me on MckMama's blog...I love her blog too. I'm so worried about her little boy, though! It makes me so thankful that my girls are healthy!!

lauren and brad said...

This looks like so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

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