Saturday, December 28, 2013

peace out swedish.

Wow, after working for nearly 10 years
almost 8 at Swedish...
I quit.

It was something I thought I would never do.
At first it was just a thought/dream.
Then it became a reality.

And the closer it came to my last day, 
the more I wanted it.

A lot of things came into play.

But my number one role in life is to be a mommy and wife.

I feel that being home (as I write this it's been 2 months) has changed me.
I feel like I am more engaged with Hazel and Cameron.
And I actually get to see cameron!
We get the whole entire weekend as a family.
it's been so nice.

Don't get me wrong, I miss working, as in,
getting paid to do what I love. I miss patients, I miss changing lives.
I miss saving lives, I miss helping people pass.
I even miss the crazy parts.
I miss my co-workers especially, and I miss a lot of the doctors.
I miss the camaraderie and the teamwork.
Swedish was my family for nearly 8 years.
(how is it possible that I have been a nurse for 10 years?)
I learned so much.
I definitely left a changed woman.

But I will be back.
You can't stay away from ICU. 

me leaving work on my last day.
 then move forward a few hours to my going away party.
so many people i love showed up.
it was awesome!
PS: i had laryngitis at this point and barely had a voice...


 nicole & victor
 add in mandy

me and lo
i don't know how people stay up late and hang out..
i was pooped by 8 (well I had been up since 2am).
Thank you to all who came to wish me well. 

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