Monday, December 09, 2013

museum of nature and science

so, i randomly found this website that shows all the free days
for museums and zoos in denver...
and what do you know, the museum of N&S was free monday.
we have been wanting to go, and so this worked out perfectly!
hazel and i got ready and headed out.
it wasn't that busy...YET.
we saw all sorts of things, planets, dinosaurs, how the body works...
it was neat.
we even got lunch & played in the kid zone before heading home.

 the mineral area... these things were huge and beautiful
 hazel calling axel on the phone...
every phone she saw (you picked it up and they gave you info on the exhibit)
she wanted to had to call axel

 back at home again,
at cameron's work party saturday,
they sent us home with a present for hazel
it was a new baby doll
boy was she pumped!

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