Thursday, October 31, 2013

halloweenin' it up

the weekend before halloween,
cam & hazel went to boo at the zoo.
hazel did not want to wear her costume,
she wanted to paint her face like
"a scary monster"
so cam let her paint her own face.
this is the text pic i get while at work :)

 then sunday the kids were able to dress up
for sunday school and play carnival games.
we got hazel in her secondary costume 
(from thrift store for $2)
 then on actual halloween
hazel had been saying over and over she wanted to be a
"shark, real scary"
so i procured a shark costume from pottery barn kids (from tabitha)
and made one for me and cam
she didn't want to wear it, but it was cold as balls
so i think that's the only reason she kept it on.
after the first house, she was like
"go get more candy?"
like she couldn't believe it...
and man, she loved it!
she kept the shark head on til the last couple houses
i call it a success!

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