Thursday, October 10, 2013

bathroom reno for $500

we started out with this idea of redoing the bathroom downstairs
kinda on a whim.
we always knew we wanted to overhaul it... but that wouldn't be for awhile.
BUT... bethany and stephen would be staying with us for a month,
and we thought, hey, what a perfect time to do this!
i had painted it this pretty blue color (plumage by martha) when we moved in.
but the countertop was pink, and the toilet was made for a midget little person.

 i was just gonna swap out the counter top (for $2 i found one at habitat restore, but it didn't fit)
(then i was gonna just get a new faucet and paint the top, too expensive)

 once I (yes all by myself for the reals) got the vanity out
there was an obvious lack of linoleum on the footprint.
i had always wanted to try my hand at painting linoleum.
so that's what i did.
 i also had to paint the walls 

 so i primed with no voc primer

 then i painted with floor and concrete paint
it was a really light grey color, but i held up swatches of all the colors
and honestly lighter was better

 new toilet!
from home depot, i think $125?
we have the same one upstairs and love it
it has an elongated bowl
and it taller
and is water saving with a dual flush.
cam did this part
 new vanity!
cam did this part too
and had to finagle sink parts
so it would all fit.

 the vanity was around $225
and the faucet $90
both from homedepot
 etsy find $25
 urban outfitters $14
overall i think it looks great!
so far the floor has held up great, minus where we scooted the vanity and a small piece of painted ripped off... but honestly it is doing awesome!

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