Wednesday, April 03, 2013

pee pee in the potty

so, this is probably gross to a lot/most of you.
but i am a proud proud momma today!
hazel woke up at 7:30 and daddy put her in bed with me before he left.
i got up and was changing her diaper when she said potty.
which she says all the time, but never goes.
so i say, let me take your diaper off and you can sit on the potty.
and i get up and am getting coffee, and i hear a musical sound (which her potty makes when something (pee/poop) touches the little metal dots at the bottom).
i run in there, and sure enough, pee pee in the potty!!!!
she gets a prize (from our prize bucket of candy and dollar spot from target) basket
and refuses to wear a diaper.
it is now 12:45 and i was nervous about nap time.
she didn't want to wear a diaper, so i just put her to bed with no pants.
she was naked all morning, and had no accidents
and went pee pee 5 times!!!!
so, we will see!

 hazel being silly with her bucktooth sucker from Gop

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lauren and brad said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! Way to go hazey! love you!