Wednesday, April 10, 2013

bethany & stephen's baby shower

the first week of april, bethany & stephen
came to visit/go to the mountains,
kinda as a babymoon, kinda as a break from school/work.
but... i decide to do a surprise baby shower.
i sent the invites, including one to her.
and immediately got a text that she was having a terrible day
and she got the card in the mail and started crying (good cry).
So, monday april 1,
we had more of a dinner party than a shower
and all our friends came!
Welcome to the world baby blankenship!

 the food, oh the food.
it was delish!

 we had trouble figuring out where to put our hands.
oh you pregnant people...

 i froze these little babies into ice cube molds
and then put them in the water...
then once they melted, the sunk.
i think this one is trying to escape :)

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