Friday, September 21, 2012

when you main line breaks, you child can't go to college.

the week of hazel's bday, our kitchen sink started backing up.
we finally called the plumber.
a 12 year old boy shows up. jk he had to have been 18 right?
and he cant fix it,
he calls his boss.
they say it's gonna be $5000,
oh wait, nope, there's more damage than we thought,
it's gonna be $13,000. 
not to mention we were dog sitting this week, and there were 10 foot deep trenches
all throughout our backyard. and no fence.

 i let hazel play in the trench.
jk, this is at the park.

 look, there's a man in the hole

 PVC... the way to go.
who makes cermanic piping? 
obviously they weren't smart enough to invent plastic in 1926.

 and a 20ft deep hole in the alley for good measure.
 "wow mom a hole"
 she's not impressed
 i was trapped in the garage and ended up having to drive over this pile.

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