Thursday, September 20, 2012

1 year old!!!!!

how is this possible?
there is no way you can be 1.
just looking at the past year of monthly photos...
you grew up this month.
it makes me excited, but kinda breaks my heart.
you're not really a baby anymore.
you are getting more and more independent.

this month had been CRAZY!
you had your first fever 101.6*
with vomiting...
i am 99% sure it was teething.
because the next day or 2 later,
we saw 2 front top teeth poking out!
we've been playing the "she's teething" card
way too much this month, grow those teeth already.
then the night before your bday, you got another fever
of 102* and had projectile vomiting,
so i thought, sure, it's the same thing again.
but the next day you barely had a voice and
you had a little cough.
low and behold at your 1 year checkup
they tested you for strep, and
you had it. poor baby.
you are on the mend, but still super needy
and fussy and go through bouts of crying
where you are just inconsolable. 
we had to put you on abx (your first ever).
but you take it like a champ.
on a happier note:
you love love love to play with:
wooden train
putting stuff in a box and taking it out

you love to throw
or roll a ball

you point to what you want
you love swimming and playing in the sand

you started scooting like a mad man
and kinda quit rolling,
you like to be upright.
you will take a few steps, but you just don't seem
to like walking, which is fine with me.

you are talking more and more.
you have absolutely mastered
hi and bye
(which sometimes sounds like die)
you wave both times.
but i swear you said star,
you said it twice, but havent since.

the day after our bday you pulled up to standing
using the chair, ALL on your own.

you are gonna be trouble young lady.
you go straight for what you are not
supposed to play with:
dangerous things.

when i tell you no,
you look at me, smile, and go right back to doing whatever is bad.
this is not good.

you are my little bundle of joy
my strudel noodle
my peanut
my peanut butter
my little poospie poo
my bean
my hazelnut
my hazelbean
my baby.

-love momma

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