Friday, March 30, 2012

i know, it's been awhile...

Spring is here,
and we are loving the awesome weather!

 i even bought hazel sunscreen today :)
 couldnt you just eat her up?
 a project i am working on
i found a $10 bill in the backyard
and bought this off craigslist for $10
so, i say it was free :)
i have it all sanded
and have big plans for it
mixed together

 now i have switched from doing every 4 week pics
to doing monthly pics on the 15th
so this is like 2 weeks from her 24 week pic

hazel kicking garrett in the face :)
updates on H:
she has been eating TONS of food
sweet potatoes
butternut squash
at her 6 mo check up
she was 10% weight
40% head and length

1 comment:

Rachelle said...

love ALL of it! especially the yellow flower jumper, the dresser, the eggs, and hazel in your dress.