Monday, March 12, 2012

dad came to visit

last week my dad came to visit!
he's doing great, and we had a blast!
he drove in tuesday
and we went to eat burgers at Cherry Cricket
then hung out at our house
wednesday morning we went to eat crepes
then headed to the mall
to pick up an easter dress for Hazel
(and a teddy bear)
then had dinner with lauren and caleb
at illegal petes
Thursday we had Duffy rolls
and then daddy headed home
it was a great visit!
thanks dad!

h with her new bear
 feeding herself
 "what is this thing mom"
 me and dad
(yes it looks like those yellow things are coming out of my head)
(and yes my hair is extra greasy)
 G & H playing
maybe i was sleep deprived, but this made me laugh so hard
(troy, g's dad, didn't think it was quite as funny as i did...)

1 comment:

Katie said...

Well, I think it is pretty darn funny.