Wednesday, February 01, 2012


hazel being shipped
 every child needs a bathing suit right???
 fashion show
 h and g playing well
 this was her 4 month photo...
how can she be about to turn 5 months?
 she looks like she's doing the rings in the olympics :)
 what aunt susu sent for H
 trying out the bumbo :)
she wasn't getting it
 heavy G going to town on his letters
 holding hand

 either "i'm gonna slap you in tha face" or "here eat my hand"
 gotta stay warm :)
 footprint artwork
 he has his arm around her :)
 daddy stayed up all night one night
and took care of H while i worked
and when i came home we were watching Hulu
and i looked over and they were both asleep... LOVE
(oh and schnooze too)
 in a pretty spring dress and leg warmers
we get ER residents working with our trauma team monthly... nothing new
so we try to be nice and talk to them...
we asked this fella where he grew up, and he said Ft. Worth for a few years.
I said... me too!!! wouldnt it be funny if we went to the same elem. school.
he asked where i went... thinking it wouldn't be a connection at all
i said "JT Stevens"
and he said "NO WAY, me too"
long story short... he was in sus's kindergarten class.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
they don't recognize each other though.
too bad.
 laying with her felt head of lettuce

 i'm so strong!!!!
 is this what i have to look fwd to?
 older pic:
eating in & out burger while feeding H in dallas
 jacket sus & i made
skirt i made
she can finally wear them!!!!
 schnooze hiding in the closet in the basement
 got this double stroller at a consignment store for $22!!!
perfect for when i watch G

 this outfit kills me,
esp the new feather headband from Kate

he's already trying to take her clothes off.
kim and troy had to have a talk with him...