Monday, February 20, 2012

8 years ago

8 years ago today I met this hottie of a boy.
We met through a mutual friend Ryan Jackson
at a Bethel Baptist screening of Luther (movie)
yes, I know, LAME-O.
We ended up 4 of us going out for coffee/ice cream together
and talking until like 2am.
we then made plans to play racquetball that next day.
he of course was a boy and did not choose me to be on his team,
he chose ryan (to even things out he says).
but i thought he liked her not me.
we ended up hanging out as friends for a couple weeks,
then he asked me on a real date.
this pic is of our first date.
we played r-ball
then went to Coaches and played pool
and drank beer and ate cheese fries :)
(which is what we did on the night he proposed)..
of course I beat the crap out of him at pool
although he likes to say that he let me win.
all this to say,
8 years ago i met my best friend
and i love him so much
and am so thankful for God putting us together.


steve said...

he kept you a secret from me for almost a month!!! but then you made up for it by giving me and Scott tickets to the NCAA tournament in Oklahoma City. that was a pretty good first impression!

johny said...

that was a pretty good first impression!
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