Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my pre-birthday party!

since i am turning 30 tomorrow...
last friday we had a bday party
since sus was in town i wanted to go ahead and have it!
we made it really low key
but made a killer cake
salted caramel chocolate

 i can't describe how amazing it was!!!

 stuffed mushrooms
 cream cheese balls
rolled in different chopped nuts
 cute cards from cute friends :)
 holy balls
 katie, jill, hazel, and anne
(jonathan, jonathan, and cam in back)

where was sus you ask? eating mushrooms and cake with sea sea (her friend from peace corps) at the table.
literally dying from how amazing the food was. why no pics of her? who knows.
great pre-birthday
real bday a suprise with lauren tomorrow!


Leslie said...

ADORABLE!! Happy bday, friend!

lauren and brad said...

your 30 and your a mom. so old! :)

glad your birthday didn't get overlooked! you definitely deserve a special celebration. I want to fly out just to eat a piece of that cake. (and kiss that little bundle while i'm there of course!)