Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i had to go see a man about a horse...

Our friend Cailly has a horse named Dewey.
Hazel wanted to go meet him!
It was cold out, so we bundled her up :)

 the mini horse Alladin

 Dewey, he's 21 years old!!!

 hazel making crazy faces while dewey smells her

 he wanted to eat her shoes :)

cailly said she'd give hazel lessons when she was older!!!!
Yeah for horses.
Sus was here, she was just taking all the pics.
we were going to go to the pumpkin patch next door, but it started raining
and was getting pretty cold and windy.


lauren and brad said...

yeah more pics! know you've been having fun with your sissy. hazel looks tiny on that horse and i want to squeeze her.

Ryan and Katie said...

dang girl did you already lose all your baby weight?! You look awesome! And of course Hazel is freaking adorable!