Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hazel Avery Cannon

I will tell the birth story in the next post.
but here are all the pics.

 on mag & pit & o2
 hazel avery cannon born 9/15 11:25am 5lbs 11oz 19.5 inches

 i love love love this one of lauren
she's on the phone with sus

 ignore my drugged up face
look at cam and lauren
 this lovely lady delivered my baby
 proud papa
 trying to breast feed
 i may look like a heroin addict, but i promise im not
doing some formula since my milk wasn't in and hazel needed fat!

 first bath with nurse and daddy

 friday at 11:00am
OFF THE MAG!!!!!!!

 i thought she looked like a hershy kiss
so we made her a "hazel kisses" sign
 sweet sweet daddy
 she gained weight,
we can go home!!!!!!!!!!

my sweet baby with her little nose tape

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