Sunday, September 11, 2011

35 weeks!

yes i am late taking this pic and posting
but well, i have an excuse...
i'm pregnant :)

WAY pregnant
look how long my hair is too
i guess i am growing it out?
i just don't even think about cutting it.
i must be preoccupied.
also isn't my hat cute?
i got it when i went to boulder with lauren a few weeks ago
we had lunch with granny (her mom's mom)
and shopped on pearl street
and saw her dad's office
and got our toes done
and ate dinner with her mom and dad
it was a good time.
anyway, pregnancy...
i see why moms all of a sudden are okay with their baby coming early.
not that i realllllly want her to...
but i am turning into a teenage girl again or something.
i am so emotional, seriously SO emotional
i can't really do anything anymore
i am getting a round face
i don't sleep but i am tired
i have to pee every 5 minutes
i can't eat, b/c my stomach is so squished
i can't really breathe...
but all that being said, i still love it
and she is like an alien in there moving all around
and we play poke the foot, she pushes her foot out, i poke it and she pulls it back
and i think that is so awesome!!!!
i have my bag partially packed for delivery
just in case,
but i am sure we will forget something.
i finished her room the best i can.
now i just need to clean it.
i am awaiting all my diapers to come in the mail...
the shower from work was literally that
a shower, of love and generosity,
and i was able to purchase all the diapers with a giftcard to amazon.
cameron cleaned the house while i fell asleep on the couch friday night.


lauren and brad said...

35 weeks! You'll meet your baby girl before you know it!

Just a warning...this last month (or 7 weeks if she is a booger and comes late) will be the LONGEST month of your life! hehehehehehehe....

steve said...

when are you poopin that baby out? end of September? or October?

Jill Hamilton said...

you are so cute.

steve said...

ps - when you have the baby, she can ride with me on my new bike...with Chris Kings!!!!