Tuesday, October 12, 2010


here are some random q's i am answering b/c i like to fill in forms.

1. what's on your nightstand?
-i don't have room for a nightstand, so we are (still) using the headboard my aunt (lent or gave) me when i was a jr. in college. and it has a shelf.
so on that i have:
a lamp (it was 2, but cam knocked one off and broke it),
some books,
a pen,
some massage oil i use for lotion b/c denver is so dry,
some chapstick,
a magazine,
i think that's it.

2. where do you watch tv?
well, we don't have cable, or really any television, but we have a tv/monitor that dad gave us.
so we have it in the basement, which we recently started utilizing. and we watch hulu and netflix all the time. 24 season 3 is like our crack.

3. do you do a budget?
yes and no. we were amazing at a budget for the first 3 years. and then i don't know what happened. so we are re-vamping and using mint.com. i will let you know. i have been working my butt off since july with a million extra shifts, but its like where's the money. so we are getting strict and crazy and gonna be billionaires soon.

4. when are you having babies?
soon i hope. cam has 2.5 years left of school, and we are talking seriously about it now. but want him to be a dr. so i don't have to work full time. we don't want to have to use daycare. plus sus and i have been talking about meeting up in morocco or egypt in sept 2011 and i don't want to be pregos there. so soon my friends soon. i promise, youll be some of the first to know.

5. what famous person would you be bff with?
michael cera, jennifer garner, reese witherspoon, ellen

6. what is something you wish you could do that doesn't really seem like a possibility?
i would love to be a vet or vet tech or an animal daycare person...already have a ft job
a painting artist... i just don't think my brain works that way
designing anthro windows...hello... how can i do this please
i want to be on project runway, but i don't even know how to sew a dress/pant/jacket
i want to wear high heels all the time... but i tend to fall and my legs feel like jello
travel ALL THE TIME. for some reason, cam HATES to travel. i mean hates. so it's like twisting his arm to even go to a wedding that he's in... i know bizarre.

7. coupons?
ummm, yes please. i went through a phase where i onlybought w/ coupons, then i went thru a phase (albeit a ridiculous one) that i only shopped at whole foods, and now i am back to a more normal phase of: use coupons when i can, but cook from scratch.
so these websites i have found useful : the do the dirty work for me, and then i just do what they say:

organic deals
springsbargains - only for colorado springs, but i find it works in denver too

for example:
they have a link for $1 off reach dental floss, then showed where it was on sale for $1, making it free. i got coffemate creamer on sale for $0.27 at king soopers. AND organic coconut milk from WF for $0.44 (usually $2). Anyway, it's fun to check out, and then you also don't have to hunt on your own, AND you only have to get the things you would use. AND they show lots of online freebies/cheap deals, and they always have a lot of baby things. So.... there ya go!!!

8. workout?
i like to, and it makes me feel good, but i am not motivated at all.
i likethe 30 day shred and jillian michaels trouble zones.

9. what's in you netflix cue?
bones season 5, fifteen and pregnant, the memory keepers daughter, glee season 1

10. what are 10 things you love?
-1. fall and everything about it
-2. crafting, seeing things and being able to copy them, or adapt them to what i can do
-3. not being afraid of the basement anymore
-4. having 2 dogs, 1 big, 1 small
-5. being a nurse and literally saving lives
-6. having a legacy from grandpa that we can carry on: like "rebuliding oklahoma"
-7. my husband. he loves me even when i am cranky and mean
-8. living in colorado, why live anwhere else?
-9. living in a house, as opposed to an apt.... it's like real life.
-10. frito chili pies.


lauren and brad said...

This is fun! I feel like I know my cuz even better! :)

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