Thursday, October 07, 2010

blake & jenn cannon

we arrived in arkansas about 1200
we had a tuxedo mishap and had to stop in Rogers for the tux
... and blake's tie.
we made it to eureka springs around 1:30
we socialized with the fam at the cabins
and "watched" the OU vs TX game
then cam and i went to check in at the belladonna
it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

for any of you wanting to take a calm weekend away
i totally recommend this place!
organic breakfast
close to town
great host!!!!!

then we went back for the rehearsal dinner
of awesome bbq (pulled pork i love you)
after that, we went to jenn's cabin
and had a little get-together
with the bridal party
and got to know jenn a little better
it was so much fun
we love jenn, she fits in perfectly with the fam
and we love her friends!!!!
she and blake are perfect together!

the brothers
blake and jenn got sweatshirts for the bridal party
with their nicknames on the back...
cam's was: slamcake

in the morning cam and i walked to the downtown area
on our street we saw all these little deer.
then we came back for the jacuzzi and coffee :)
after that we had a "brunch" at the cabins
more family was headed in!

Lea Ann, Austin (jenn's son), and Alec

cam and mima (isn't she soooo cute?)

after i got ready for the wedding, we headed back to the cabins.
can you see the hat i am wearing?
i loveeeeeeee it!
also, i curled my hair, but never got a back shot... let me just say
it was super cute!

me and cam

minus one groomsman getting his jacket on

alec, blake, cameron

all the boys getting ready to walk towards the chapel

can i just say
i love my outfit.
the plan was never to wear the cardigan and belt,
but it was just too chilly without it.

the chapel.


yes sir.e.bob.
austin walked his momma down the aisle.
we all teared up.

how much cuter can you get?

the bride and groom :)

the kiss!!!

the wedding party, with kids running away.


after this we headed back to the cabins for the reception.

let's just say there was mexican food, lots of dancing, and lots of good times!


congrats mr and mrs cannon!


steve said...

omg! what happened to Alec?! He looks so different from the last time I saw him! insanity!

lauren and brad said...

steve, I agree! He's all grown up!

That chapel is incredible! It looks like the perfect week-end! I love all the pics and her little boy is adorable!

Congrats to the new couple...and to you liz for getting another sister! :)

Katie said...

Girl, you WORKED that outfit. (I love the AR glass chapels, too, always thought I'd get married in one :-)).