Friday, June 11, 2010

May 18th

Sus & I walked around the market near Long Street during the morning.
Then we headed to Boulder Beach after a nap.
Boulder Beach is the home of like 3000 pengiuns.
You can pay (like a sucker) to get on the beach,
OR walk along the boardwalk FOR FREE!!!

umm, i wanted to smuggle this little guy back home with me,
but the sign says no.... whatever fools.
"mom, my neck is so fat, i can't move"

"taking a rest"

hence the name, boulder beach

not fake, i swear

just coming back from a swim

There were lots of BEWARE OF BABOON signs
"baboons are dangerous, DO NOT feed baboons"
but while we were driving back, this is what we saw...

Just contemplating when he was gonna just on our car and beat us up.


Leslie said...

i love the animals!!!

Leslie said...

have you seen this book??