Sunday, June 06, 2010

May 14-16

click to enlarge the pic... sus is showing her "hooters"

sus driving!!!!

unwrapping the plastic off our checked bag from
jo-burg to capetown
May 14th:
had breakfast with cameron at pete's before I left
Bethany took me to airport

rushed to get connection in DC... was able to get sus and chris an ipod charger before flight, a new book, and some dinner.

watched on plane: it's complicated, movie with matthew brod and keri russell, and 27 dresses.

took 2 benadryl to fall asleep.
May 15th:
slept mostly
landed at 4:15pm

finally got to sus and chris about 5:15!!!!
soooo excited!!!
had the hostel pick us up.
stayed at ShoeString Backackers in Jo-burg.
ate sandwiches and avocados for dinner.
May 16th: to airport for flight to Cape Town.

rented car
poor sus... was the first driver.
chris navagating, and i was the looker outer (to see if we were clear to change lanes).

drove to hostel: Long Street Backpackers.

got lunch.

Picked up some dinner for a picnic on Table Mountain

Took the cable car up Table Mountain, hiked around a bit, watched sunset.

Came back down and got drinks and nachos on Long Street!!!

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