Wednesday, October 28, 2009

actual birthday

so at work (yes, i worked on my birthday)
Lauren bought me a fancy gingerbread latte and breakfast
then brought me lunch (eggplant lasagna)
and cailly and lauren (and apparently a lot of people)
were conspiring about what kind of cake to get me...
and (lauren has pics) they decided on a cake
with a large remote control on it, with a extra large PAUSE button...
(what, do they think i talk to much???)
it was super cute :)
and everyone got a good laugh!
people were so sweet to me, and it was a really good day.
i got tons of texts, emails, and facebook messages.
i felt very very loved!!!!
so, after work, some of us went to happy hour at Illegal Petes!

scott and me
miranda, lauren, scott, kendra, cam

with me added

miranda bought me a margarita!
it was great.
thanks guys!
i wish you could smell it.
i have been eye-ing it for a couple years, and always spray it on when i am at anthro. he knew i liked it and took a pic of it with his phone in august so he wouldnt forget... isnt that sweet :)
i also used my bday $ to buy this to wear to a wedding in nov


Leslie said...

happy birthday! hilarious about the cake.

lauren and brad said...

cute cake, cute friends, cute birthday girl!

so happy it was a good one!

Katie said...

A birthday sponsored by Anthropologie! What could be BETTER? I am so glad you had such a great day!