Saturday, August 17, 2013

Carnival Party for Doctor Cannon

The only way I could get Cameron to have/attend a party for himself
was if it had good food, beer, and games.
So, I did.
at first I was saying the party was for me,
because he was adamant about not having a party,
but when he found out it was carnival themed,
he was all in!
i planned, and pinned, and made for months beforehand.
i borrowed and emailed and called and enlisted help!
thank goodness for good friends!
so here is the carnival themed party!
the bunting is with random fabric i had or got in the remnent section
the table cloths were from Walls when i went to visit family

we had a prize tables for the kids, from winning tickets from the games we had around the yard
and a face painting station
and a balloon animal station
(i just had random people doing those activities)
i printed out a sheet of paper with different face paintings to follow
and had instructions on how to make balloon animals

i used this tutorial for most of the chalkboards
and did them on $1 store black foam boards

 my beautiful friend autumn posing in the photo booth.
we used cameron's mac in the photobooth app
and people could do it themselves
i made the fake large poloroid out of foam board
and wrote the Dr. Cannon using the same chalkboard technique mentioned above.
we hung the sign on the rope swing :)
 I realized we needed a drink sign...
so that was a last minute thing.
we used a cart for the water,
a large wheelbarrow & ice chest for the beer
and a mini wheelbarrow for the izzes
 there was a popcorn bar
i filled a bucket (borrowed) (cleaned) with popcorn
(i bought bags of popcorn from costco as opposed to popping it myself- $5/bag)
and had red and white plastic buckets with popcorn too
there was butter spray and powdered flavoring
and instructions.
we had small popcorn bags ordered on amazon to fill
 there was a hotdog and nacho bar too
we filled crockpots with the nacho cheese (huge can from costco)
wooden basket with chips (king sooper for $1 each - i got about 15 bags)
there were jalepenos to add
we also had plastic nacho trays!
i purchased some plastic hotdog holders at Walls for $1 for 4 and bought all they had...
total about 30, but I was worried we wouldnt have enough, 
so i ordered the paper hot dog holders on amazon.
kethup, mustard, and spicy mustard in squirt bottles
we tried to borrow a hot dog roller and had it in the works, but it fell through last min.
so we just used the grill
 we had a sno cone bar
i purchased a sno cone machine on amazon
and randomly found the syrup on clearance at target.
i made cute labels and taped them on.
in the same clearance section, they had the sno cone cups and straws
for favors i filled cute red striped bags with peanuts
 (bags of peanuts from costco & bags from hobby lobby)
I made a cute little label that said
"if you're nuts, you know who to call"
thanks for coming!
(cameron has his phd in psychology)

 for a little token for us to keep
we printed out his dissertation
and had people sign it
 i made these dowel signs to show people the party was in the back

everything went without a hitch.
we had a blast.
we had tons of beer and peanuts and popcorn leftover.
and cameron was very happy with his party!

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