Wednesday, July 17, 2013

defense de la cannon

cameron headed to defend his dissertation
he looked nice :)
 hazel and i waited an hour or so before we headed up there
*it was a secret covert opp mission*
this was the room he was in.
we could hear talking, but didn't know what anyone was saying.
 we kept looking around the corner to see if he was coming out.
our plan was to sit with him while he waited for them to deliberate.
but when he walked out, he was too nervous and made us wait not with him.
then he changed his mind, and we sat with him.

 I think I got too excited after... and didn't take any pictures.
He walked in and it was quiet for a minute, and then there was lots of excitement!
we held up a sign for him and they let us in the room.
noone could quit smiling!

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