Sunday, June 02, 2013

rocks don't rock

long long long story short.
we had xeroscaping and hated it more than having to eat poop.
we extended our sprinklers from the front into the back
and got us some grass!
this way hazel can play in the backyard and not run into traffic or get stolen
by weirdos walking to the light rail.
these poor guys had to remove all the mulch, rocks, and dog poop.
it took around 5 hours, with like 6+ guys.

 we are leaving the bricks until we can afford to pour concrete and stamp it.

seriously you don't even understand.
it's so so amazing!
all we want to do is roll in the grass (after we pick up dog poop).
and just play all day!
 then i noticed a sink hole.
it was almost 2 weeks into sprinkling 3x day.
and go back to sept
when they had to fix our sewer.
i think things weren't packed down as well, and with all the watering we've been doing...
well, the sink hole happened.
i had already pulled the bricks up to see,
but it was a good 4 inches... 
i moved the dirt around, but some spots were much deeper.
 it's hard to tell in the pics, but it wasn't good.
so i hauled my butt to home depot (cam is still gone a millions hours a day to finish up his dis.)
and hazel and i got a lot of top soil, gravel, sand, and 10 new bricks.
it cost about $25 and we can return 2 bags of gravel.
i just made up how to do it... from all the home improvement shows i have seen over the years.
and it's not perfect, but it will do, and it works until we can pour concrete!


lauren and brad said...

I am super impressed! Way to go handy woman!

steve said...

i think we know who wears the pants in this family! /snakestriketoLiz!SSSSSSSSS

Lane Adair said...

looks great!