Sunday, March 03, 2013

quilt and sus's baby shower

For sus's baby, i decided to make a quilt.
not just any old quilt, but a collection from the whole family.
i emailed people WELL in advance (you know me)
and had them send me a fat quarter of fabric.
I wasn't sure what kind of pattern to make, but,
I found this one on pinterest and went for it.
I love fabric. I may have a slight addiction.
So this was really hard for me to choose.
I have about 6 fabrics in there from us.

 look how cute sus is
 this shower was planned by christiane, erin, and lindsay

 seriously, that cake was soooooo good!


 look how cute we jones girls are
 erin, lindsay, sus, christiane

 like you were surprised it was a quilt


i then quit taking pics, b/c i was too excited!

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