Saturday, December 22, 2012

lo's bach party

first we started off by going to canvas and cocktails!
i had never done something like that.

 cailly, lo, me
 you can paint what they are teaching, or paint something of your own.
they were painting a snowman,
i thought that was dumb, so i painted
a dandelion i copied from the wall.
 lo, me, cailly, savanna (sis), sally (mom)

 brianna, lisa, and sam (caleb's sisters and mom)

 sally painted a pic of their late dog walter
 then once we were finished painting,
we headed to euclid hall for dinner.
the service was terrible, but the company was great!

 me and my beautiful friend.
after dinner we headed to the champagne bar
 i may look tipsy, but i had just worked friday and saturday, so at this point
i had been up almost 24 hours running on a few hours sleep.
i was the only one capable of driving :)
 THEN we headed to the piano bar.
it was a blast.
they made lauren get up and dance to
"big butts"

 she was hot!!!!
then lauren, sav, and i headed to the curtis hotel to sleep!
yeah lo!

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