Saturday, August 18, 2012

11 months

Oh hazel- how big you have gotten!!!! You really are all grown up! Things you are doing:
Rolling so so fast everywhere!!!!!!
Eating big girl food more and more!
Clapping, waving, patty cake, peek-a-boo.
Taking steps when we hold you up.
You loveeeee the water- swimming or bath time!
Talking so so much- saying mama. Dada, pointing to things.
When asked where something is you point at it and are right sometimes. You have little convos with us- but we have no idea what you are saying.
You love dogs!
You love fans!
You love other kids- and love going to autumns house.
Big news!!! At the end of sept momma gets to go part time and be with you 1 more day a week!!!! I can't wait.
You have been "dancing" mainly using your arms!
You like "the office" and "yo gabba gabba".
You are just a happy happy baby and people keep saying that!
You also have a "fat kid" laugh and I love it so much!
You got to see susu and lala & uncle Jess this month!
In just 1 short month it will be your bday- how is that possible?
I Love you more than words!

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