Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 months

Oh my goodness baby girl! You are so big!!! You seem to not be a baby anymore, which makes me sad, but excited for our next adventures!!! Things you did:
-met lots of extended family in NC
-took 4 plane rides
- saw kim and derek
-moved into the second and hopefully last home you will ever know!!!
-started drinking thru a straw
- talked a lot lot more
- wanted to eat big girl food even more- like fruit and meat and anything we are eating
- you didn't really want baby food at all this month
- you really just wanted a bottle
- you were pretty sick this month when we went to nc- you were snotty and hoarse and just didn't feel good- you woke up a lot and didn't really nap- but now you are feeling so much better!!!
- I took you to the pool a couple says ago and you loved it!!!
- you are really good and turning the lights on and off
- you like to eat cords and wrap them around your neck...
-You have taken some steps when we are holding onto you
- you kinda pull yourself up!
- I just love you so much
- you make dad and my day so mug brighter!
- you have started a little separation anxiety thing- but dad has you working on it with a transitional object (mr bear).
- ahhh 2 month til your bday!!!
I love you, mama

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