Sunday, June 17, 2012

9 months

baby girl,
it's getting really hard to photograph you now...
this is what i went through (minus the terribly blurry and ugly ones)
to get 1 monthly photo :)

super hard.
but look at my mad picasa skills below :)
how are you 9 months old?
i cannot believe it.
i did not know i could love you more's true.
you are so mobile now, you have scooted a couple times, and gotten on your hands and knees a couple times, but mainly you roll EVERYWHERE...across the room, under the table, under the chair, to the mirror, to me, to the dog, to get a toy, on the run, on the grass, on the wood floor, in the dirt. you don't care, you just wanna roll. you are just content in moving. you still want to be held a lot though. and i hate to say it, no i dont :)), that you are happier when i hold you. maybe it's that special bond we have. you still however, love your dad-day-saturdays. you love playing with your dad, and making up songs, and running with him. he likes to take you out in the stroller, OR your new toy, the bike trailer (with your new fashionable helmet). sometimes you bring me lunch or coffee at work, and are the talk of the town. people love you. they always comment on how easy going you are and how happy and smiley you are. what people have been talking the most about is: you hair. baby girl, it is insane. it poofs up like a puff ball, and it doesn't lay down, no matter what. even if we get it wet. so, for now, you will have crazy monkey hair. (i secretly love it though). this month you have: toured homes, made an offer on one (you liked this one the best), visited with grandma and grandpa for almost a week, went "swimming" in your kiddie pool, went to a crawfish boil, rode in the bike trailer, hung out with lauren and caleb all day sunday, and probably a lot more. this coming month we are looking fwd to: going to crested butte and asheville, NC; moving into our new house, and hanging out with daddy until he starts his internship. we will cont to feed you big girl food, even though sometimes you don't like what we give you, but you love watermelon and carrots (whole), and we are going to transition you into mainly food with less milk. momma wasn't able to give you enough breast milk after poppa died, and this month has been only formula, and you haven't died :). Your daddy and I love you more than words can say. 

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steve said...

best way to get her to sit still: ropes