Monday, August 22, 2011

maroon bells!

So we left Thursday afternoon
and headed towards Aspen 

view on Independence Pass
We got to our campsite around 7pmish and started setting up, cam did food, i did tent.
it was a great site
kinda secluded from others,
close to the bathroom,
and te weather was BOMB!
yes yes, pregnant people can camp too :) this is my new shirt, and i had to wear it.
it was getting chilly!
i kind of love this photo
with the pretty aspens in the background
so we ate & played phase 10 & went to bed.
we woke up and it was 40* ahhh!!!!
we ate breakfast made by cam
and then headed to the trailhead (by car)
i will let you enjoy the beauty
but let me just say it was amazing.
and i live here SUCKAS!

okay okay, i lied about enjoying the beauty, i have to say, i love love love this pic.

this is crater lake
we hiked here (1.8miles)
and had a picnic
then headed back to the car.
the hike wasnt so bad, but i went really really really slow.

so hans may or may not have gotten so tired that he would lay down and not move.
so poor cameron had to carry him on several occasions.
and yes, notice his booties :) he did really well with them.
he actually did really well on the way up, he just won't pace himself.
this got so much attention it was ridiculous.
there were several people that had to stop and take pics and videos.
nevermind the big fat prego hiking, lets look at the 3-legged dog with shoes being carried :)
i mean, what a pathetic dog. but he's soooooo cute....

all in all it was a great trip.
we were both worn out, so instead of camping another night,
we packed up and went home.
as we were packing up i subluxed my kneecap and it was NOT fun.
it hurt like a mofo.
it used to happen all the time, but hasn't happened since
i think right before our wedding.
anyway, cameron was great, and made me an ice pack
and packed up the car, and drove THE WHOLE WAY home.
we got home, showered, and ate while we watched a movie.
it was the perfect end to the trip.


Leslie said...

you look fantastic! hilarious about poor hans. does he always wear boots on your hikes?

eedwards said...

I just moved from Colorado to Mississippi and looking at your pics of maroon bells made me feel like I was home...thanks!

steve said...

dang that looks fun. better than 105 every day....
maybe someday soon, me, LB and Maddie can come up there and go up into the mountains. Maddie would love it.

shine on said...

you are so stinkin cute!!! it's so hot in mississippi right now, i'm super jealous of your long sleeve shirt! love you both (and sweet baby hazel).

p.s. this is your cousin, kristin. just logged in under my other blog.

ely said...

I love that he had to carry hans. best photo ever.

Mike and Susanne said...

Yeah! Great pics! I'm so proud of you! We always say that if we move back to Colorado some day, we'll have to go camping with the cannons!