Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nursery bedding

these are out of order...
but this is the nursery bedding forthe babe.
i hated everything i saw
and what i did like, was sooooo expensive.
so i made it.
i got the fabric at Fancy Tiger
and it's by Joel Dewberry

 the bedskirt

 one of two crib sheets i made
(i will get some plain ones too)

 the second fabric from top is the other crib sheet

i think the above pics were me trying to show you how to sew or something?
i love love love it!


ely said...

Love the colors! I wish i could sew!

Katie said...

Oh man, you KNOW I love that. It's perfect. In fact, I was sitting here reading this saying, "Liz picked something gray and yellow? With birds? SHOCKING." Ha ha ha

Rachelle said...

Love, love, love it! I need to pay you to teach me to sew!

lauren and brad said...

It looks so good! you amaze me! :)

Andy and Laura said...

love it!