Tuesday, February 22, 2011

inspiration door

so I copied it!

it was too cold for awhile to go outside
so i did inside stuff first
i covered cork tiles with fabric
using spray adhesive
used an old door i found in the alley

painted it antique white
but first sprayed chalkboard paint where i wanted it
then painted the white... so i could cover the overspray

i thought it would be cool to have a spot for magnets
so i had this sheet metal in the basement
from when i made earring holders
so i cut it to size

and cut my dang thumb.
but i'm updated on my tetanus shot
don't worry

not glued in
but what it was going to look like
i used gorilla glue and held the metal down
overnight with bricks

more coats

tape free

with all the dec's.
i made bunting from paint chip samples
and then sewed them together!
cool fabric on clearance at joannes
also the magnetic clothes pins i got
at michaels for $1

i also screwed in some cup hooks
along the sides for whatevs

i made a chalk holder
i just wrapped a small piece of fabric around the chalk,
then used a double stick piece of tape to hold it down,
then wrapped string around it...
inspired yet?


kirstin said...


Leslie said...

your poor little finger! i constantly fear finger injuries....literally the thing keeping me away from sheet metal. eep!!

lauren and brad said...

WHOA! This thing is sooooo cute! Is it in the kitchen? I love it!