Monday, November 29, 2010


so, here are some books i have read in the past week or so.
in between making hummus for thanksgiving
and working
and running errnads
and cleaning
and doing laundry...

i liked this book, but i already knew all that organic business.
hans decided he wanted to eat this library book...
do you know it costs $30 if you lose or damage a library book?
a standard fee, and no you cannot buy it on amazon and then
bring it to them.
this book was okay.

hans ate this one too.
it was super informative.
very helpful.
thanks Lo for the recc.

Lo also reccomended this book.
i loved it.
and for the record we are not pregnant.
just talking :)


lauren and brad said...

you already read all of those?????

Leslie said...

seriously?? totally thought baby cannon was on the way.

Mike and Susanne said...

Holy cow, I thought that was your way of telling us you were pregnant! I better get a phone call when it does happen though, not just a blog post! Cute xmas card...Mike said, "what? They got another dog? Those dogs are ruining my life!" Just kidding, but it was a super cute card as usual!